Herstmonceux Parish Council

Serving the people of Herstmonceux Parish

Clerk: Clare Harrison
The Parish Office, 4 The Old
Forge, Gardner Street
Herstmonceux, East Sussex
BN27 4LG

Tel: 01323 833312

Vitality Villages - Directory and Activities

Vitality Villages is a community organisation which focuses on the health and well-being of residents in Herstmonceux and the local communities.

  • Vitality Villages Directory (PDF, 7.5 Mb)

    A directory of local contacts and organisations.

    This directory is produced and printed annually by Vitality Villages therefore Herstmonceux Parish Council cannot be held responsible for any information within the document which may be out of date.

  • Vitality Villages - Autumn 2019 Activities (PDF, 103 Kb)

    A list of activities / events to be held in Autumn 2019, organised by Vitality Villages.

    The Parish Council hold no responsibility for the content or accuracy of the information within this leaflet. Please contact Vitality Villages for more information about any advertised activity,