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Vitality Villages Inaugural Meeting

will be held at 7pm on 1 July 2015 in the meeting room at Herstmonceux Health Centre

  1. Election of the Chairman for the meeting.
  2. Attendance and apologies.
  3. Adoption of Constitution.
  4. Election of Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Secretary and 4 committee members.
  5. Meeting approval for the opening of a bank account - elect three signatories for the ban account.
  6. Proposed future events:
21 September 2015 - Older persons day
17 October 2015 - Family event
  1. Coffee Mornings - details of programme
  2. Community choir - to discuss the formation of a choir, who will lead the choir, meeting times, advertising for choir members.
  3. Creation of Volunteer Lists.
  4. Electric Car for the Health Centre - information about when the will be available, volunteer drivers, insurance, details of when the new charging point at the Health Centre will be operational.
  5. Future events and programme - open discussion on community and well being events:
Would a volunteer day be a good idea?
  1. Any other business.
  2. Next meeting