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Wealden District Council
Planning Department

Planning Applications

Applications to be discussed at the Planning Committee Meeting of Herstmonceux Parish Council to be held at 7.00pm on Tuesday 14 October 2014 in the small hall in Herstmonceux Village Hall.

Application: WD/2014/1860/F
Location: Lime End Farm, Church Road, Herstmonceux.
Description: Covered cattle collecting yard.
Parish Council Comments to Wealden District Council:

Application: WD/2014/1912/LBR
Location: 2 School House, Windmill Hill.
Description: Retention of fourteen windows on rear elevations.
Parish Council Comments to Wealden District Council:

Application: WD/2014/1942/F
Location: Rose Cottage, Stunts Green, Herstmonceux.
Description: Proposed conversion of and roof alterations to existing detached garage to form ancillary accommodation associated with existing dwelling.
Parish Council Comments to Wealden District Council:

Application: WD/2014/1963/F
Location: The Old Farm, Trolliloes, Cowbeech.
Description: Erection of a single storey garage/home office (resubmission of WD/2014/0579/F)
Parish Council Comments to Wealden District Council:

Application: WD/2014/1933/LB
Location: 2 Corner Cottages, Cowbeech.
Description: Replacement of timber windows to family dwelling.
Parish Council Comments to Wealden District Council:

Planning Consents from Wealden District Council

  1. WD/2014/1519/F Fairlight, Stunts Green, Herstmonceux - proposed single storey side addition - re submission of WD/2014/0685/F to include full pitched roof.
  2. WD/2014/1413/LB, WD/2014/1452/LB and WD/2014/1484/LB Millers House replacement of guttering system, replacement of 2 windows and 1 double door to remove aluminium double glazing and replace with windows to match style used around the rest of the house and remedial works to replace cracked chimney and repair any loose pointing as necessary.
  3. WD/20141406/LB Blackford Farm, Cinderford Lane, Hellingly - proposed orangery and refurbishment of dairy outbuilding.
  4. WD/2014/1207/F Broad View, Windmill Hill - proposed menage, fodder storage and relocation of stables.
  5. WD/2014/1522/F Kerpses, Trolliloes Lane, Cowbeech - remove existing single storey structure and replace with a two storey extension.
  6. WD/2014.1541/F Applegarth, Victoria Road, Windmill Hill - first floor extension.
  7. WD/2014/1424/F W J Crouch Butchers, Gardners Street, Herstmonceux - demolition of existing slaughterhouse and provision of new single storey residential dwelling.
  8. WD/2014/1136/LB 4 and 5 Herstmonceux Place Church Road, Herstmonceux removal and blocking of one non-historical door together with the re-allocation of a room from unit 5 to unit 4.

Planning Refusals from Wealden District Council

  1. WD/2014/1181/F Elmshurst Cottage, Dacre Road, Herstmonceux - proposed detached bungalow dwelling on land to the rear of Elmshurst.


  1. WDC - information about the Community Infrastructure Levy Revised Draft Charging Schedule - comments should be made between 15.09.14 - 27.10.14
  2. WDC - asking if Herstmonceux Parish Council wishes to comment on the WDC Affordable Housing Delivery Local Plan. Comments should be made by 3.11.14
  3. WDC comments re the works at the Warehouse, Herstmonceux.
  4. Mrs S. Wallis, Mrs M,A, Gordon, Mr and Mrs G. Bowles, Mr P. Karslake, Mr R. McCall and Mr A. Jupp - comments on the proposal to designate Cowbeech as a Conservation Area.