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TENDERS are invited for a ONE year contract from 1st April 2016 to undertake:

  1. Urban Grass cutting verges within the parish of Herstmonceux. (Contractor must conform to regulations and specifications required by the East Sussex County Council Highways Department).

TENDERS are invited for THREE year contract(s) from 1st April 2016 to undertake:

  1. Grass cutting and strimming of Herstmonceux Recreation Ground, Lime Cross Sports Ground, Herstmonceux Village Green (The Denefield).
  2. Various small contracts regarding the general maintenance, hedge-cutting, Allotments grass-cutting, and general footpath / footway maintenance within village areas, at specific times of the year.

Interested persons wishing to submit a Tender for any of the above contracts should contact in the first instance:
Mrs. Janet McInnes,
The Clerk to the Parish Council,
The Parish Office, 4 The Old Forge,
Gardner Street,
Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 4LG

Tel: 01323 833312
or Email:

Tender Forms available from 01st November 2015
 Closing date for Tenders: NOON on 04th December 2015

Herstmonceux Parish Council Communications Committee

A meeting of Herstmonceux Parish Council Communications Committee will be held at 7.00pm on Monday 7 December 2015 in the Meeting Room of Herstmonceux Information Centre. 

Prior to the meeting, the public shall be permitted to submit questions and make statements. This item shall last not more than 15 minutes or at Chairman’s discretion and no contribution shall last more than 3 minutes.